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i tried this on my smartphone and it works a treat. if you have a phone that won't block incoming calls and text this is what you need.
most mobiles will block selected incoming calls but rarely will block texts.

Comodo here

click on the image for the live cam
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Have not got any problems with mobile phones of any type whatsoever. Do have one but find the off button really screens out all the crap. Procedure is turn it on make call then turn of and leave of for about three months. Some times being a lonely old fart has its benefits. I do have an answer machine for the corded phone so am up on modern times for sure. Just what would have been our reactions years ago seeing someone sitting in a car talking to themselves or even walking down the street doing it. Still react sometimes while out when someone says "Hello" and like a fecking idiot I reply "G'day" back to them only to find that they are not talking to me.

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