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They died fighting for their country on foreign ships in far away seas over 70 years ago and until now had been forgotten. Nearly 7 years of painstaiking research and banging my head off the fckin wall, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have finally acknowledged my work and accepted the following Merchant Seamen as official war dead. Many of those named below were only in their teens, the youngest Michael Goulden from Hull was only 14 years old. If these sort of casulties had just been found to have been members of the three armed services, this research would have been swamped with media attention, but not for the "Forgotten Fourth Service" Next time you look across the sea, spare a thought. “Have you seen the old man outside the Seamen's Mission, memory fading with the medal ribbons that he wears and in our winter city the rain cries a little pity. For one more forgotten hero And a world that doesn't care”

RYAN, Deck Boy, FRANK EDWARD, 20th April 1940.
CAMERON, Galley Boy, ROBERT, 22nd August 1940.
LARKIN, Messroom Boy, JAMES,) September/October 1940.
BUTLER, Deck Boy, NORMAN,) 6th October 1940.
HASLAM, Oiler, HENRY, 6th October 1940.
RICHARDSON, Deck Boy, JAMES, 6th October 1940.
SELF, Cook, GEORGE, 6th October 1940.
TAYLOR, Deck Boy, HORACE, 6th October 1940.
WILSON, Deck Boy, GEORGE, 6th October 1940.
CREMIN, Trimmer, TIMOTHY, 17th October 1940.
GANNAWAY, Galley Boy, LIONAL, 2nd December 1940.


DAVIES, Galley Boy, LESLIE, 15th January 1941.
GOULDEN, Messroom Boy, MICHAEL, 2nd March 1941.
SCARGILL, Messroom Boy, STANLEY, 2nd March 1941.
HICKEY, Stoker, DENNIS, 13th March 1941.
ALLEN, Messroom Boy, FRANK, 24th March 1941.
OAKLEY, Cabin Boy, DEREK, 24th March 1941.
BEENEY, Sailor, ARTHUR, 17th April 1941.
GUTHERLESS, Deck Boy, HENRY, 25th April 1941.
O' REGAN, Stoker, WILLIAM, 10th June 1941.
LYNCH, Mechanic, WILLIAM, 24th June 1941.
SHIPLEY, Engineroom Boy, JAMES, 24th June 1941.
HILL, Galley Boy, WILLIAM, 24th June 1941.
SWEETMAN, Deck Boy, LESLIE, 7th September 1941.
TURNER, Trimmer, CHARLES, 7th September 1941.
BOTHA, Ordinary Seaman, E.P. 19th September 1941.
DAVIES, Engineroom Boy, KENNETH, 19th September 1941.
HUGHES, Galley Boy, WILLIAM, 19th September 1941.
RICE, Messroom Boy, BERHARD, 25th September 1941.
WAUDBY, Trimmer, JACK, 12th October 1941.
HANNAM, Messroom Boy, FONWICK, 16th October 1941.
SULLIVAN, Messroom Boy, EDWARD, 16th October 1941.
CHADWICK, Ordinary Seaman, JOHN, 19th October 1941.
HOWARD, Messroom Boy, LEWIS, 2nd December 1941.
GOODWIN, Galley Boy, REGINALD, 21st December 1941.


DUFFY, Oiler, MICHAEL, 17th January 1942.
HOPLAND, Galley Boy, HARRY, 18th January 1942.
BROMFIELD, Messroom Boy, THEODORE E. 21st January 1942.
HUGHES, Oiler, JOHN NORMAN, 24th January 1942.
DONACE/DONNASCHIE, Trimmer, JOHN. 11th February 1942.
GRAVES, Ordinary Seaman, REGINALD. 11th February 1942.
PAPPACENA, Galley Boy,. NOEL 11th February 1942.
DAVIDSON, Messroom Boy, W. N. 12th February 1942.
EAGLELSHAM, Galley Boy, CRAMFORD, 12th February 1942.
SHERIDAN, Saloon Boy, FRANCIS, 1st March 1942.
PATTERSON, Messroom Boy, DENNIS, 9th March 1942.
ABBE, Saloon Boy, STANLEY, 9th March 1942.
MOORE, Messroom Boy, RICHARD, 9th March 1942.
PORTER, Galley Boy, RONALD R. 6th April 1942.
McLEAN, Messroom Boy, PATRICK, 9th April 1942.
HOOD, Able Seaman WILLIAM A. 30th April 1942.
HODDER, Trimmer, FRED, 9th May 1942.
EBANKS, Messroom Boy, CLYDE, 1st July 1942.
DOLAND, Stoker, ANTONIO, 9th November 1942.

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well done Billy
Proud of you and the work you have done for us and of course these who lost their life in the cause of duty to their country
Ron the batcave

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Heartfelt thanks from this black duck as well mate. So many who where passed over simply because they seemed expendable. Hope that relatives of today hear about this as I am sure that it will bring closure for them as is the in word today. So young and so much ahead of them to be robbed of that life.

ImageThat is the way the mop flops.

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