WW2 A Tanker IS Hit
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Author:  rbrewr [ 14 Sep 2017 04:21 ]
Post subject:  WW2 A Tanker IS Hit

A Tanker's Hit
by Robert Goodwin
[Composed on SS Georgia a few hours after witnessing
torpedoing of tanker SS Jacksonville 8/30/44 in the North Atlantic,
with loss of 48 crew and 28 Armed Guard.
Only 1 crewman and 1 Armed Guard survived ]
Have you ever seen a tanker hit?
It's not a pleasant sight;
The ship from stem to stern is lit
With fires that burn so bright.
Smoke pours from her into the blue
And forms a might cloud,
Then turns into a ghastly hue --
A ship that was so proud.
Then men on ships about do stand
And sadly watch her burn;
There is no way to lend a hand,
Just watch, and wait your turn.
So down into a watery grave
She takes her gallant crew;
And all of those who had been brave,
A trip to heaven drew.

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