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 Post subject: Manxy in Paradise.
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I edited my post: It's now all about safety and GPS. in Ship History and posted a photo some of the boy’s on the Dunedin Star sitting on #5 Hatch.

One character in that picture is a greaser we called Manxy for an obvious reason, he was from the Isle of Mann!
He was a harmless, friendly character, his only flaw was that he was pickled, he loved a drop of the hard stuff

Now it so happened that opposite the Pool was a pub, The Red Lion, and one night Manxy fell asleep on the pub toilet; he never heard the last bell and call for last drinks?

Well you can imagine his jubilation when he awoke, about 0500 hrs, he thought he had died and gone to heaven; he was surrounded by booze – this was truly paradise.
He had a couple of tots off the top shelf, to clear his mind and plan his escape.

It was like a woman buying a new pair of shoes, he was befuddled, so much to drink but he knew he could only carry a few bottles; it was a dilemma!
All the doors were locked so apart from selecting the best grog, he also had to find the easiest way out of this Aladdin’s Cave.

Finally he had decided to escape via the Public-Bar window, the only trouble was it was a large window with a few breeze windows across the top; therefore he knew he had to get out through one of them.
The main part of the window was stained a dark green, he couldn’t see out, not to worry, it was free booze and he knew he would be able to carry about 4 bottles.

Another dilemma, what should he take?
Sitting down he decided to drink enough to have it flowing over his bottom lip.
Most of us would have gagged at this thought but Manxy was in no way deterred, and this was a labour of love.

When he was full he set-about making his selection; all off the top shelf, naturally!

After making his choice he pushed a table beneath the window and put a chair on top of that.
Testing his handy work he discovered it was ideal. The only real problem was how to climb through the window with 4 bottles of fire water.
He was standing on the chair atop the table when suddenly he was struck with an idea; he would ask one of the few passers-by to help in return for a couple of bottles … That was his plan and he knew it would work!

Placing his selection on the table and opening the breeze window it wasn’t long before he heard someone coming.
Phiiissst! Phiiissst! He beckoned the person over and explained the situation.
“OK”, came the whispered reply, “You pass the bottles down, then I will assist you down.”
Manxy was not only pi**d out of his mind, he was also going into a state of delirium, has he passed the bottles down.
Next it was his turn to make an escape.
“Push your feet out of the window, I will grip them and lower you safely to the ground,” said his Good Samaritan.
Manxy was over-joyed,, how lucky can one man be?

He followed the instructions diligently and constable Plod lowed him gently to the footpath.
At the court of petty sessions’ the magistrate had a real problem suppressing an outbreak of uncontrolled hysterical, laughter!

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