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Seamen all.

They are men of a kind from every place.
Of every colour of every race.
Men of a kind from far and wide,
Bound to ships and bound to a tide.
Men fast together in common bond,
eyes to a sea and a world beyond.
They pay little mind to affairs of the shore,
their time is for ships and ocean lore.
A brotherhood all with a common tie,
a strong love of ships and sea and sky.
They could be ashore lying safely at home,
but that’s not for them, when all`s said and done,
their real home is a foc`sle, a wheelhouse, a deck,
they face the seas rage and the prospect of wreck.
Their life is in ships, their world is the sea,
they are seamen all, so where else would they be ?

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Merchantman to war.

Ask him why he wouldn't want to settle down ashore ?
He`ll just grin and say he doesn't know.

Ask him why after only a few days at home, his feet always
take him off to yet another ship ?
He`ll just grin but he can`t explain.

Ask him why he risks a screaming death in a blazing hell,
or a lingering end on a drifting raft ?
He`ll just grin and tell you it`s his job.

Ask him why he got blind drunk last night, and had
to be dragged home by the police ?
He`ll probably shrug but will not say,

Copyright ©

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Another wonderful pair of poems,thank you,

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great stuff tramship man. i wish i could produce that sort of stuff.

click on the image for the live cam
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