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There was a young fella who met this beautiful young, golden haired maiden and fell madly in lust with her.
He scrounged all of his cash together and took her out on the town, he spoilt her rotten; he had to make an impression cause he wanted to get-into her pants. …. No! He hadn’t sh** his own.

He spun her line, as we’ all did sometime in our life.
He told her he was a millionaire, at a time when a million was a lot of money, believing that would win her heart.
He didn’t get into her knickers but he thought he’d come close to it, so he made a date to meet her under the Pawnshop Clock, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the following evening.

Now the time has arrived and he’s stony-broke and has nothing left to pawn.
He’s got to make it but where is he going to get the cash, he only needs $5 or $10 to continue the would-be lover’s deception. (That was about a weeks pay in those days)
He’s told her he was a millionaire and now he’s warning his mates to stay away.

He says, "If you see this gorgeous young darling waiting under the clock by the Pawn-Shop, she’s a real honey whose cost me a lot of money, and if you try to pick her up she’ll tell you",
"I’m waiting for my boyfriend, a rich millionaire, who’ll be picking me up about 8-o-clock."
"Keep away from her", he says, "I’ll get the $5 or $10 some-where and then make a quick trip to paradise - from there it will be a quick-roll-over, have a smoke!" "Then just follow the bouncing ball and we play it by ear!

It goes like this:

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i remember that song very well tony and thanks for digging it up

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