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A few years ago, I answered a search request that came into the now defunct (sadly) Scousehouse Forum.
Somebody was requesting old Liverpool folk-songs and that somebody was Gerry Jones; I suggested an old song I heard when I was a young fellow, in a smoke filled cabin where we were having a drunken party.
Gerry Jones subsequently went on to research the song, 'Bigamy Liz' and now he is publishing a book and was seeking permission to include my name as one who came up with the name of the song. - I gave him the go ahead and said it would be a privilege to have my name in his book.

Now I am requesting any information anyone may have on a former shipmate named Georgie Laine, a scouse AB from Birkenhead, Merseyside, George is 20 years older than me and I am almost 81 so in all probability he will on the big ship in the sky.
Anyway, the following is a message I sent to Gerry Jones with further information of where I heard the song, this is a copy of that message in the hope that someone may have sailed with George Laine, he was a great entertainer and a good guitarist:

I apologise for taking so long to reply, the truth is I have been contemplating the information I gave you re. ‘Bigamy Liz’ song.
It was a long time ago but I do believe I first heard it when serving on the Lamport & Holt ship, ‘Delius’ in March 1953.
I was an efficient deck-hand (EDH) and all deck crew were accommodated, below the poop deck down aft.
It was a peculiar setup comprising of a mess-room surrounded by 2 berth cabins and bathroom (Toilets & showers), the centre being a number of long tables and wooden benches.
I say peculiar because it wasn’t really a Mess-room, we ate in a midship messroom facing the galley; this space we used for recreation when all hands were awake.
One AB (Able Seaman) George Lain, who came from Birkenhead, played guitar and enjoyed a sing-a-long as we all did.
We made a ‘T’ Chest – broom handle bass, a biscuit tin lid as drum and a number of comb & papers.
When swilling amber liquid we sang all the songs of the day.
Stuff made popular by: Hank Wills senior, Guy Mitchell, Johnny Ray, Frankie Laine, Rosemary Clooney and Theresa Brewer plus many old Liverpool folk-songs. I believe it was at one of these sessions I heard Bigamy Liz?
Georgie Laine was an easy going, likeable guy in his mid-30’s, probably 20 years older than me; he was a fantastic ship-mate and a talented entertainer.

I will never forget him because of those qualities; quite a few years ago I started the website, ‘Sailors Home’.
One of those members told me Georgie Laine was dead, apparently he’d been shot, I can’t imagine why anyone would kill such a lively personality and I have never really accepted that story.
During my time on the Delius I received the words of a song, off a young sweetheart, that went:

Take care of yourself my darling, take care of yourself for me, don’t grow old and don’t grow cold, take care of yourself for me.

The sentiment was there but we had no tune and that’s when Georgie Laine came to the fore – he made up a tune and we were all able to sing the song.
Above are the only words I remember but with them I still remember Georges tune……. If you are old enough you may recognise the words but I am in my 80’s and I’m sure you are nowhere near that age.
If anyone has news of George Laine I will be most interested to hear it.

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